Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)


Australian Certified Organic (ACO) in July 2012 made a landmark agreement with Soil Association Certification to provide inspections and customer service in the Asia Pacific region to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Soil Association Certification is a leading UK certification body linked to the Soil Association charity which is a founding member and ¼ owner of the GOTS standards. ACO will be the preferred partner in the region for Soil Association Certification’s inspections to GOTS.

This partnership between two well known not for profit certification bodies will mean a professional, more efficient and environmentally friendly certification option for Australian businesses as well as those in the region. GOTS represents an important advantage over other textile certifications: It is the only internationally recognized organic textile standard that ensures organic integrity at every step of the supply chain, from harvesting through production, processing, manufacturing and labelling.
Clients inspected to GOTS by ACO on behalf of Soil Association Certification will be able to use the GOTS symbol, the Soil Association symbol and if desired the well-recognised organic Bud logo on their labels – symbols recognized and trusted by consumers globally.
With around 3000 businesses in 55 countries already certified to GOTS, we can help you source certified fibres, fabrics or finished products. We can guide you or your suppliers through the process of becoming certified providing expertise, dedicated service and technical knowledge.

An overview of the GOTS standard

The GOTS standards detail all the requirements for organic textile processing and cover the following areas:
  • Certified organic natural fibres: Your products must contain a minimum of 95% organic fibre to be labelled as ‘organic’ and 70% to be labeled as ‘made with X% organic’
  • Accessories and additional materials permitted: Non-organic fibre content and accessories must meet the requirements for material types permitted
  • Minimum social criteria (based on ILO norms): If you have employees you must comply with the social and employment criteria
  • Separation and traceability of organic products: Organic and non-organic products must be kept separate, and you must be able to account for incoming and outgoing organic products, including keeping supplier certificates on file
  • Chemical inputs used in processing: Require approval by GOTS before use. We can provide you with details of over 4000 chemical inputs already approved or assess new inputs you want to use
  • Harmful residues in accessories and final products: If there is a risk your final products or accessories may contain harmful residues, they may need to be tested
  • Environmental management and waste water treatment: You’ll need an environmental policy and waste water must be tested and treated (by you or your local authority)
  • Basic quality requirements: If you are applying colour, fastness must be checked; and if you are making garments, dimensional stability must be checked
  • Labelling: Labels must meet the GOTS, Soil Association and ACO standards, and be checked by us prior to use.
Download the GOTS standard and manuals here

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